Playing With Fire

If you know me, you know that I love fire.  If you don’t know me, it’s not a scary-dangerous love, so don’t worry.  Yes, I am painfully aware that I’m not supposed to be shooting pictures of fire because it can harm my sensor.  But I couldn’t pass this up.  I had no willpower once we threw a couple of packets called “Mystical Fire” into the fire ring.  We were camping at Scenic View Campground in Warren, right on the stony banks of the Baker River.  I happened upon these little packets in the camp store while looking for glow jewelry for my daughter.  I didn’t think they’d do anything as they just looked like a camping gag, so I slipped them into the fire while nobody was looking.  I had to explain what I did when people started asking why the fire was changing colors.  This was insanely cool!  I had to buy more for future Mystical Fires!  Pure entertainment – not for cook-fires.

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If anyone wonders, my sensor is intact and doesn’t appear to have suffered.  I’m thankful.  I had a passing moment or two of wondering if it would be worth it, but I love how the images came out like abstract art.  It makes me want to start a new oil project, but I might just have to print a series of these for my bathroom walls.  The colors that screamed the most were blue and green, but there was red, pink and purple in the flames too – the perfect compliment to my color scheme.


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