Squam Lake Wildlife

Tucked into Holderness, New Hampshire is a place called Squam Lake Science Center.  If you’re looking for a cool place that features local wildlife, with nature classrooms and live exhibits, look them up!  I love taking pictures of animals and many of these animals seemed content to pose or snooze through my visit.  I got caught up at the Mountain Lions because – well, who wouldn’t?  They were stretching, pacing and visiting the kids through the glass.  The kids thought they were so cute and cuddly – obviously they didn’t get the same feeling in their gut that the adults get when they stare at you.  There’s plenty to do for kids and adults alike, and lots of staff available for just about any questions you might have.  Certain times of day they have “classrooms” that can be either outside or inside and usually feature some cool local animal.  We missed the coyote classroom, but we were getting to the big cats when it started and we couldn’t turn back.  There is information and education in every single corner.  Loved it!

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If you are interested in Squam Lake Science Center, visit http://www.nhnature.org/‎ and you will not be disappointed!


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