Rebecca & Kris

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This is my beautiful cousin, Rebecca and her fiance, Kris.  They decided to have me to take their wedding pictures coming up at the end of April!  I am very excited as this will be my first solo wedding, and I can’t wait to document the day for them as I also take part in the family festivities.  We have an incredible, loving, happy family, which no doubt will be on full display for my camera.  I can’t wait!

On this engagement shoot, we walked all over Collinsville and Burlington, CT to get these pictures.  Mud, burrs, rocks & barbed wire couldn’t stop us from getting some great shots!  The great thing about engagement sessions is they are usually the first portraits of the couple and everyone is a little excited but nervous at first.  There are some nice, natural moments that can be caught before the comfort sets in.  Once the ice is broken the images just start happening and before you know it, there are too many good ones to choose a favorite.  It didn’t take long for Becky and Kris to get in the zone, which is no surprise because their personalities won’t allow for anything less.

Stay tuned, more on this beautiful couple to come this spring!


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