I’ve known Sarah for almost half of her life.  It’s a little depressing to watch time fly by without having an ounce of regret for zipping past us.  I even think that I sometimes hear it razz at me as it goes.  But enough about that.  In the present– here is a young woman who has gotten her wings.  She is charming, fun, beautiful and full of life.  She, along with her friend, made for an easy shoot, if you don’t count the leaves on the ground transforming my sneakers into banana peels over the damp rocks, moss and roots.  I should have worn cleats.  But I shouldn’t complain because Sarah bravely donned cowboyish-soled boots (zero tread) and had little trouble negotiating the same paths, and even climbing rocks.

It was a gorgeous morning down at the waterfall in Wilton, where we invaded the peace of a couple of coffee drinkers sitting at the falls.  They appeared to be talking but the thundering of the falls drowned out everything except our shouting.  It was the only way we could hear each other.  I apologized for our intrusion and the coffee drinkers didn’t seem to mind (to our faces) but they didn’t stick around long.  It didn’t matter anyway, Sarah is a pro at this and wouldn’t care if she had an audience or not.  She’s also my assistant when I need her to be.  She is a one-of-a-kind young lady who comes from a great family and I’m thrilled to have taken these portraits for her.

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