The Butterfly Place

Have you ever been to The Butterfly Place in Westford, MA?  Seriously.  It’s fun.  Are your kids fans of butterflies or do they shriek in horror when one flies near?  If anything except horror is your answer, pack up the kids & grandparents and check it out.  Their souvenir shop has all things butterflies, including identifying charts, tee-shirts, bug-nets, magnets, jewelry, postcards, books, etc.

When you walk through the double doors (to prevent escapees) and into the bright atrium, you immediately notice two things.  It is bright & hot.  Girls, wear your ponies … I’m not kidding.  But there are air conditioners and benches below them which help to keep you from melting.  The landscaping is gorgeous.  Flowers & trees that butterflies adore are everywhere as you walk along a stone path.  There are birds like Guinea Fowl that roam freely just like the butterflies, so watch your step!  There is a coi pond and the fish seem rather excited whenever a butterfly gets close to the water, which leads me to believe that they get lucky once in a while — but not while I was there.

There are hundreds of butterflies, many species are exotic.  You are not allowed to catch them, but they will land on you as you focus on that one huge white butterfly (in my case) that just won’t land.  I’ve packed as many images into a slideshow here to give you an idea of how wonderful this place is.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Once you leave the atrium you find yourself in an educational area and one of the first thing you notice is their quarantine butterflies, and if you catch it just right you just might see one hatching from its chrysalis!  They also have other informative enclosures that we all found interesting.

If you would like more information about The Butterfly Place, I’ll make it easy.  Here is their website:

Plan on spending some time there.  Thanks for looking!


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