The Dufoe Family

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It was a gorgeous Saturday when I arrived in Merrimack, NH to capture this family.  The dappled sunlight in the front yard gave us a shower of light and shadow.  I used a fill flash to pop their faces out of the shade, eliminating the distraction – or at least decreasing the contrast – of the dapples and giving us all a variety of pictures to love.  They are good friends of my husband Sean and I, so I couldn’t be happier to have some pictures of them to keep for myself!  Jay & Wendy’s property reminds me of a park and clearly they work hard to keep it that way.  The grass is lush even though it is in shade for the majority of the day and the maples and oaks tower over us as if they’re racing in the competition for sunlight.  We had a wonderful time taking pictures of the 5 of them, if you count the four-legged kids.  Of course the dogs were a little less patient – they bored quickly of me and went about their way, one chasing chipmunks and squirrels, while the other just pulled up a patch of sunlight on that prime 75 degree Saturday.  Thank you, Jay & Wendy, for a great day!


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