Matt & Jennifer Vincent

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This girl is a pro at being adorable. I don’t typically name children on the internet, so we’ll just call her Miss Adorable. Weeks ago, I had the pleasure of shooting this baby as she was approaching her first birthday. I forgot how brightly a baby’s personality shined at this age. I was quickly reminded of how much fun I used to have playing around on the floor, making a fool out of myself by making silly faces and sounds. At first, Adorable wasn’t sure what to make of this awesomely huge & sweet cupcake, and oh, the absolute terror of having her hands coated in this sticky stuff made her howl … for a minute. True to form, changing the subject changed the mood and she was back to her normal, happy self, complete with a bright coating of sugary sweetness. If I could, I would upload every single picture I took of her that day. I had a hard time narrowing them down, as I’m sure Matt & Jennifer did as well. Nothing makes me happier than a shoot like this.  Thank you both for having me take her portraits!


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