Someone is Anxious for Spring!

It seems to me as though spring has been here all winter this year.  I even had a bulb break ground in January.  Only in California – oh right, I’m in New Hampshire.  I’m not complaining though.  It kept the heating costs down.

Today I glanced out the window and saw this little guy.  I hate spiders.  They are freaks of nature with their 8 eyes and 8 legs.  I mean come on, who could love such a horrific thing?

Looking past the horror, and through my macro I was stunned at how beautiful this little thing was.  It was a beautiful shade of green against the stark whiteness of the snow.  I actually found myself feeling bad for it because it kept getting pelted by water dripping off of the icicles.  I imagine if you are that small it’s got to feel like a Louisville Slugger — or getting tagged by paintballs at the very least.

I hope the poor thing finds its way to a warm nap.  It has at least a month left of winter, and it has no idea.

Yes, I still hate spiders.


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